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My name’s Novia. I am a hand-letterer based in sunny Jakarta, Indonesia. My first love in lettering was script and flourishes, how ordinary everyday words could be portrayed and drawn into such a beautiful shapes was mesmerising and still is. I always feel my heart pounds a little every time i see a beautiful piece of lettering.

I draw everyday, in my little studio, often while watching movies and drinking coffee! I never good with words but i have always loved nice quotes, Churchill said you can learn a lot from reading quotes and i can’t disagree. In nowadays world where things seems getting crazier, i hope the positive messages i want to convey through my lettering can help (even only for a bit) someone go through their day.

I had my works published in two books, (Handstyle & Lettering by viction:ary, HK; and Goodtype vol.2 published by Rizzoli, USA) and and i have been blessed to work with both small startups and major companies, from cafe in Seoul to book publisher in New York.


Once in a blue moon i teach workshops on lettering and i always love to chat with new friends from my instagram account @novia_jonatan, if there's anything you need to ask or just say hi to me!


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